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By: Alanna and Serena =]


For the experiment we will pick up the trash, around the lake shore and Serena`s yard.

Talent 21 hypothesis: (Science part)
I think that the water pollution will decrease by the end of May, by 20 or 30%. (:

Talent 21 (Social Studies Part)

Thanks to Scientists, in the 1800`s, we now know why the ducks, otters, fish and turtles are affected by Water pollution on Lake Lenape. When people throw trash and other stuff on the shoreline, it causes the animals to die. Trash such as Plastic bags and shoes can kill the animals, and trash puts toxin into the water, that can also cause animals to die!! Serena has had baby squirrels, baby ducks, snakes, turtles, fish, birds and even otters on her property. I don`t want them to die, because of water pollution. If they do, their population will go down by a few. Last weekend (4/29/11-5/1/11) Serena`s family and Serena cleaned up the lakeshore. "It was pretty dirty" Serena said "But we managed to do good. Hopefully soon the animals will have no problem swimming around the lake."

Talent 21:
How does the trash impact the water and the animals in it?