How can I help the environment by single stream recycling in my every day life?
I can make a video on recycling and how it would effect the Earth or in our environment.

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Thousands of years ago people realized that you can reuse materials for other things. This is when recycling began and overtime people noticed that waste was unhealthy. During the 1930’s and 1940’s, the World Wars started the recycling of metals to build weapons and machinery for the war. Then in the 1950’s, landfills were started to store waste, but by the late 1960’s the government became aware of the problem of landfills, so in 1965 the United States Congress passed the Solid Waste Disposal Act to help state and local governments with their trash. By 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency was formed and the first Earth Day was celebrated. Today, the government and citizens are working together to increase the amount of recycling and reduce pollution. That’s why every neighborhood today recycles.


No one discovered recycling
Who: No one personally invented recycling but a lot of people do recycle and everyone should
What: Recycling
Where: Universal
When: every day
Why: to help their environment
How: by recyling more
hypothesis: If I recycle everyday for a week I will make our environment better. I will do this by making a video and show how we are recycling. Ryan and I will be working together.

This is my graph on how many bottles we collected

Graph J

This is how many bottles we recycled in a week. Our goal was to see how many bottles we recycled. I am going to get pictures of what we recycle. All together we recycled 77 bottles. I have two bags of recycled bottles.

external image marine-litter-petition-1-3-550.jpg this is a picture of a beach with litter all over it

external image recycle.jpgThis is the recycling symbol.

This is how many bottles we recycled in a week