How can we reduce our ecological foot print. In my project contains Social Studies, Math, Science, Health, Music and Langue Arts. In it I used power point, word, Voki, Excel, and microsoft plublisher. It was a lot of work but super fun. Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle

In math we made a garphs to repsent how much we recycle. In science we made a chart in excel. Posted it in power point, made a power point, and made a Voki. In music we made a recycling song. In health we made a power point to tell people to recycle. Also in social studies we made a poster of the rossetta stone that shows how the wrote on buildings not wasting trees.

I hope people get the clue that they need to recycle more. They need to learn not just to through anything they want where ever they want. One day thousand of years from now who knows the world could explode or it could lose oxygen. So do what you need to do but remember this message.


This is for math
This is for health
This is for science

This Is for music

This is for social studies