Pack Your Bags!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel somewhere in North America with your family? Well then, pack your bags and get ready to explore!

The Task:

You must research a travel itinerary and devise an economical 5-night/6-day travel plan that takes into account: transportation, housing, food, and activities for your family. The proposal must also be converted to U.S. dollars to the currency of the chosen country if you choose to travel outside of the United States.

The Process:

Over the course of this unit, you will use the activity list below to guide your learning. In addition to your daily math lesson, you will schedule the rest of the period each day, choosing from the options listed below. By the end of the unit, you need to have completed the required activities and any optional activities to facilitate your learning. The order in which you complete them is up to you.

Here are some useful webbsites to help you get started with your research:
Travel sites:
Foreign Currency Exchange Site:
Travel destination and country map sites:


Required Activities:

  • Create a Note and Material Organizer for this unit for note-taking, research, and practice.
    1. This could be a wiki page attached to your math wiki.
    2. You may use a word document that can be uploaded later
    3. __ - SIXTY - Stixy makes it easy to collaborate online! Create tasks, appointments, files, photos, notes, and bookmarks on your Stixyboards.
    1. Calculate distance to destination including gas costs and driving time. The Automobile Club of America recommends no more than 10-12 hours of driving per day. If your driving time exceeds this amount, calculate a hotel stay into costs.
    2. Calculate Rate of Change if you are traveling to Canada or Mexico. Remember that you need a passport if you are traveling outside of the United States and will need to add in this cost if you do not already have a passport. This site is helpful in converting currency:
    3. Determine activites for destination. Calculate costs.
    4. Calculate food expenses for destination and travel days.
    5. Create a Spreadsheet that shows calculations for trip expenses and the exchange ratesif your destination is in Canada or Mexico.
    6. Devise a proposal that presents all your information using a multi-media format.

Pack your bags checklist:

Selected a Place to Travel

Researched/Calculated Transportation Costs

Researched/Calculated Hotel Costs

Researched/Calculated Food Costs

Researched/Calculated Activity Costs

Organized Data in an Excel Spreadsheet

Created 3 Questions

Finalized Project in a Multi-Media Presentation

Electronic Sources
WallWisher - audio/video sharing and commenting tool
VoiceThread - discussion prompted by video
Animoto - video presentations
Voki- talking avatars for presentations
xtranormal - movie making avatars
LibraryThing - information source
Wordle- word gathering tool for frequency and artistic representation
Pixlr- image editor
Cacoo- create diagrams or collaborative graphic organizers
ThinkQuest - interactive site
Picasa - photo editing
Fodey - newspaper creator
PBL Unit Documents - creates timelines - great site to start a journal of your trip